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Paul Batiste

PAUL BATISTE is the founder of the Batiste Brothers Band® a/k/a The Batiste Family, guitarist, producer and song writer.  The Batiste Brothers Band® is one of New Orleans’ most popular bands.  In 1965, Batiste performed at his first major show at the Apollo Theater. Furthermore, he has toured in the US and abroad, including three tours of Japan.  He is the composer of the 1982 “Freeze” album, the 1990 “Spice” CD and the 1995 “New Orleans Music” CD, including the 1985 hit single “New Orleans Music” by the Batiste Brothers Band® and later the Rebirth Brass Band.  In addition, Paul is part composer of the 1970 hit single “Funky Soul Part 1 & 2.”  Also, he wrote the songs “It’s All About The Family”, “It’s On (The Jam Is On), and “Jamizon” of Magic.  Moreover, Paul Batiste has been an educator since 1978.

As a student at SUNO, Paul studied everyone from Bach and Beethoven to artist like Segovia, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Muddy Waters, Howard Roberts, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and many others.  This planted seeds for developing his own style by combining Classical, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Spiritual, and Funk. 
“Education and Performing Arts are rewarding experiences.  In music, my first teaching/learning environment was with my mother-Estella C. Batiste sat at the piano and taught me how to play the guitar from the guitar book.  Years later, I taught band and family members parts while we learned popular songs to play at gigs.  After college, I began teaching at a high school in New Orleans.  The culture and traditions that exist in different communities, lends itself to a gratuitous teaching and learning experience.  It is a place where there is a “Gumbo” style of music that compliments the wonderful and creative people.  Also, I am a guitarist but I teach and play many different instruments.  Combine that with playing the many different venues and concerts (local, national and international), and it’s a recipe for loving one’s trade.
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